Monday, November 17, 2008

I Like to Move It, Move it

Last week I took my nephew to see Madagascar 2, which is really not appropriate for children, I might add. It is funny though, so I can make allowances. Plus, at three, a lot of it went over Manny’s head. However, don’t get it twisted, because I know how intuitive (or should I say impressionable) children are, especially this little boy.

Did I ever tell you good people the story of when Manny was about two years old and I noticed that he had a stuttering problem? Yeah? Oh, well, some of you might not remember it and I don’t recall telling it so I’m gonna recant it. When Manny was about two years old and really learning to put words together I was over to the house feeding him. I was trying to have what passes for a conversation with my little nephew and I noticed that he had developed a stuttering problem. I mean it was a bad problem too. When you asked him something, his eyes would roll back and he would struggle to get the words out.

Well, as luck would have it, I’d had a class on child abuse and learned how sometimes stuttering can be triggered by a traumatic event. Now, since I spent enough time with my nephew to know that this was not his everyday speech pattern, I realized that something had to be going on. So, I confronted my little sister and asked her what traumatic event had befallen my little nephew that was causing him to stutter. She told me nothing. I was like, No, not nothing because he didn’t use to stutter and now he does. What occurred within the week or so since last I saw him that would cause him to stutter?

She stood by the fact that there was no event that had occurred that would traumatize my nephew and cause him to be stuttering like he was. So, I let it go. After all, she was around her son pretty much 24/7 and knew him better than I did. Well, a couple of hours passed by and my sister comes to me with the revelation on where Manny had learned to stutter.

You see, when Manny was at this age his mom use to work in a barbershop. Being a single mom and not always having someone to leave her son with, she would oft times take Manny to work with her. She told me that there was one occasion that the shop was watching The Kings of Comedy and she caught Manny also paying close attention to the comedy styling of Bernie Mac. It had not dawned on him, until that exact moment that this was the reason why he was stuttering. It was funny too, because as I watched him I could actually see him mimicking Bernie Mac’s ever mannerism in that part of his comedy routine. It was still scary and I was afraid that he would have allowed that to become a permanent part of the way he spoke. However, once mommy realized that was the cause of the stuttering she nipped that shit in the bud. She made him cut that shit out and popped his little tail when he did it. Not exact Parenting 101, but it worked. LOL

Anyway, Manny, my Mom and Me went to see Madagascar 2 last week, but I think I enjoyed it more than both of them. Not saying that Manny didn’t enjoy it, but while we were waiting for the movie to start they showed the preview for Bolt and he decided that that was the movie he wanted to see. Yeah, you ain’t at home little man. Get over yourself.

Once the movie started, Manny sat in his chair, like a big boy, eating popcorn and watching the film. Now, I am not sure at what point he decided that it would be more comfortable to sit on Uncle One Man’s lap. But during the movie, he politely climbed up in my lap, kicked back, like I was his on private lounge chair, ate his popcorn and enjoyed the rest of the movie.

Now, I know some of you out there are thinking; “Aw, what a precious moment.” Whatever. I took it as his little ass saying that Uncle One Man is better cushioned than the seats in the theater. I really need to get on an exercise program, yall.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Ieshia, Southern Gal, Running Mom, what did you little ones think of the movie. Ieshia and Southern Gal, I know your little men are around the same age as Manny.


RunningMom said...

we haven't been to see it yet! I want to see it, especially since we saw the previews. I like the "Chunky" song (which kinda fits in with your extra padding rant), lol.

"I like em chunky, I like em thick" HA HA HA HA

I think that song was by the boy hippo singing about the girl hippo, which is just so so funny.

Can't wait to see it, glad you had a good time, hopefully we can get to it this weekend.. said...

This movie is SO FUCKING GAY!

And funny as hell!

Linda said...

Madagascar 2 not suitable for kids? oooh, I think we're gonna have a problem.... my 3 y.o. has LOVED the first movie and can't wait until the sequal....

Would it help if the kid didn't understand any english? *lol*

greetings from the netherlands!

clnmike said...

I am looking through my cellphone to see which women I know that have kids so I can take them to see this movie. Not because I want to be nice but because I dont want to look stupid going to see it myself.

RunningMom said...

lol @ clnmike! My son is so big, he looks a little silly going in to a kids movie too. Thats one more reason we need to hurry on up with this adoption!

Ieisha said...

Buddha loved the movie. He sat through the whole thing and then asked if Kung Fu Panda was coming on after that. Lol.

I'm taking him to see Bolt this weekend. I think that will be cute.

I thought it was ok. I still think the first was better but I'm biased when it comes to sequels. Very rarely are they as good as the first.

There was some adult humor in it but that's to keep the parents entertained as well as the kids.

I'd give it 3 out of 5.

The F$%K it List said...

I agree this movie had more adult jokes than kids. and I appreciated it 100% I laughed through the entire movie.

My son is two and I he has been singing "I like to move it move it" Every day. and doing the hand ove rhis face, smile, frown.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

We are going to see it this weekend. Everytime the preview comes on, my son is yelling "mama I want to see that movie". So since we don't have any plans, we will be seeing it Saturday afternoon.

I didn't know stuttering can be triggered by a traumatic event. Good looking out on that info. I will keep that in my mentel roledex.

lyre said...

You didn't ask me, but I took me to see it! I loved it! I must confess that I loved the first one better, though.

Cocoa Rican said...

I sooooo want to see this movie...BD says I'm a big kid!

Darius T. Williams said...

I really wanna see this movie. I think this is the perfect date movie!

dejanae said...

now im thinking bout goin to see this crap

RealHustla said...

You funny. Those dam chairs in the movies are acting like they want to eat the children alive. And, being closer to the floor and cushions and all, it probably smells funny to. Did you get him a booster seat.

It wouldn't matter if you were skinny or are fat. The lap of a loved one is always the best seat.

Were the cussin in the movie or something? They always try to get away with that shit.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hustla, you so cute. They don't cuss in cartoons.

Okay, everyone. I loved the movie. I thought the story line was cute, it just had so many sexual overtones to it that I thought were inappropriate. Okay, so I'm a prude. I get it.

Mark D. Aster said...

Enjoy the cute, pre-school moments, One Man. I went through all that with my nephew. Now he's in college and sometimes I could wring his neck. It all goes downhill after they reach "Car Key Age." (LOL)

On a militant note, when are black artists in Hollywood going to start their own studio and make black animated films instead of being the token in manufactured crap like "Madasgascar 2" (can a brutha get some dap on dat, One Man?)

One Man’s Opinion said...

You get much dap on that, Mark. I mean, lets face it. Disney and Dream works will use black people to voice animals and shit, but not when it comes to animating people. As a matter of fact, they have made princesses out of every ethinic group but blacks. Kind of annoying.

Joey Bahamas said...

That's scary. You know what, I have a little nephew and I'm so afraid he's going to puck up bad habits from my lil sister and her thick headed friends. But then again, being his foul mouthed gay uncle may not do him any good


Acoustic Soul said...

I read your entire post. I haven't seen this movie, but I will say your last paragrah cracked me the hell up!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

man i tell u. tramma is amazing and i have seen its impact as a counseling psychologist, in particular as it is associated with inmates i work with

and me love Jungle book - greatest of all time.

Promiscuous X said...

LMAO @ I took it as his little ass saying that Uncle One Man is better cushioned than the seats in the theater.

I still wanna see that movie...sighhh...Ifmy nephew could sit still and not have loud outburste Id go

Sha Boogie said...

So done with him imitating Bernie! LOL

She Needs said...

My baby just got the first one on DVD the other day, all he sings is the move it, move it song. I had planned on taking him, but one day we were all sitting around TRYING to watch TV and that little boy would not shut up. From then I said no movies for him, he talks too damn much.

Although we plan on going to the Universoul circus Friday

Linda said...

Ok, we just saw the movie and have to say..... you're definately a prude! :P

I thought I would be the one taking offense (we don't even have a TV for that reason) but other than the HUGE hippo I didn't see anything unsuitable for kids?

Maybe it's because we're in Europe and we're used to that stuff? *lol*

greetings from the netherlands!


HOw cute. Is Manny his real name?
One of my favourite memories at the movies was when I took my niece to see All Dogs GO TO Heaven. I was surprised that I had to pay an adult price for me, as I was clearly not intesrested in the film. My niece also sat on my lap and slept through it! I had to watch the whole damn film, as I didn't want to disturb her. But she was 5 and heavy.

One Man’s Opinion said...

No, Manny is not his real name and yes, I know I am a bit of a prude and over protective when it comes to my little man, Manny. I want his mind to work right. LOL

Madam Z said...

"...he politely climbed up in my lap, kicked back, like I was his on private lounge chair,"
One Man, this is soooooo cute! You and Manny are so lucky to have one another.

Now, how the heck am I gonna get my hubby to take me to the movies? I want to see Madagascar 2, dammit!

BronzeBuckaroo said...

You are just a good uncle, bro!