Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm So Confused!

First of all this bastard…bitch…bastard….bitch…bast….oh forget it…This B word knew damn well that they were going to get publicity when they said that his as was pregnant! Stop playing. (Homeboy made that statement in another clip, about being shock at the amount of publicity they were getting.)

Still, I am so confused and I thought I was getting it, up until today. Hell, I was neither shocked nor disturbed by the fact that he was pregnant, once I realized that he was born a she. Hell, I took biology, I know that a woman can get pregnant if all her factory parts work correctly. Nor was I shocked when I found out that he was pregnant again. Although if you were looking at the View when Barbara Walters made the announcement….The whole study audience let out a collective gasp. You would have thought she’d said the dude was pregnant with a litter of kittens. Seriously. Hell, I was offended.

However, this comment on Larry King truly shocked my ass. Up until today I was not the least bit concerned with how these two individuals got their booty on. Hell, what two consented adults due in the privacy of their own house, motel room, whatever, is their own business. I honestly don’t understand why people getting up perturbed about what other people do with their private parts. That being said….ewwww! I’m sorry. Your boy is as open minded as they come, except when I am being racist or bigoted, but come on. An enlarged cliterous? Really? That shit just sounds painful. And just how enlarged is your citreous that you can have intercourse with it, as if it was a penis? It makes you wonder if it is uncomfortable for him to wear pants.

Seriously, is it just me, because that statement kind of freaked my ass out a little bit. I mean, I thought I knew what a cliterous was and what it looked like and what it’s function was, but I gotta tell you; my ass went on a cliterous hunt. I was all up in Google, blowing up pictures of cliterouses and shit. Maybe I had a misunderstanding of what I was looking for, after all, I don’t own one myself, although there is this sex shop…..

Hell, to me this statement was the equivalent to me saying, “Hey, baby, although my penis no longer works we can still have intercourse using my enlarged sphincter muscles, I know. I know. That’s just ignorance on my part, but still. A enlarged cliterous? And then they looked at Larry King’s ass like he was insane for not knowing that they had sexual intercourse with homeboy’s enlarged female genitalia. And then, so funny, Larry King’s ass was like, “Uh, I didn’t know that.” WHO THE HELL DID? LOL.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol.. I can't believe larry king even asked. But I'm with you, I'm not shocked a woman had a baby. It happens all the time around here.

RealHustla said...

This kind of blew my mind too, but I managed to block it out until reading this. Thanks. I'm thinking that the clitoris was very sensitive while it was being enlarged, but then the skin around it toughened up after some time so that there no problems when it brushes up against something.

As a female, who is expecting intercourse when having a husband, I can't imagine getting something equivalent to the size of a finger and being satisfied. He must have an amazing personality, and so must she. But you know, I think they were a couple before she turned to a man, and that answers a lot of questions.

I saw the BabaWawa video and she interviewed a heterosexual couple who turned into a male gay couple because the wife saw herself as a man. I wish I could find someone that understanding. "Baby, I'd love you as a woman or a man, you choose." Hmmm, no I wouldn't.

RunningMom said...

LOL @ Larry King talking about an enlarged clitoris on TV - HA HA HA HA HA!

The only thing amazing to me is how much this former woman looks like a man. For real. I would have never guessed.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hustla, either he has one hell of a personality or else one hell of a big ass Clit. Does the word Clit still offend women?

blkbutterfly said...

Larry King has to ask the questions that inquiring minds want to know! lol... ok, maybe just nosy minds.

and i cracked up at your clitoris hunt. i would imagine over time the clitoris would become desensitized to sensations like clothes rubbing against it. *shrug*

RealHustla said...

Oh, i don't know. I thought it was just shortening up the long word, so how can one get offended? Most people who can't say or don't want to hear the word clit don't have conversations about sex. If for some reason they are having a sex convo, they use hand gestures and say stuff like "you know, that little bump, down there" when trying to describe a clit.

Madam Z said...

All I can say is that some people will do anything to get attention! I can't imagine having the size of my clit (no, I'm not offended by that word)being discussed on tv and other media.

And can you imagine him/her eight months pregnant, running around with that beard and mustache?

Oh, back to the clit size. I think it would be cool to have a larger one, if the sensitivity was proportional to the size. I always envied men, with their big dicks, while us women have to get our jollies with our teensy little clits.

Linda said...

the end is near...! *lol*

What else can you say about such sillyness?

Sha Boogie said...

Oh my..I could've gone the rest of my day without thinking about that!!! Thanks (for nothing) eww... I think the whole sex change, wanna be a woman/man, having kids as a MAN when your really a woman is DISTURBING!!!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I have no problems with a way people want to live their lives. But I just wish they stop with the talk of "the pregnant man". Shim is a woman...PERIOD! Men can't have babies.

I saw this and threw up a little in my mouth.

Joey Bahamas said...

LMAO you're funny boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lyre said...

I'm feeling kinda turned on

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