Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Okay, another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I had a wonderful time with my family. Eating, mingling, football, Rummikub…..Great. No, alcohol no Marijuana. Even better. And NO DRAMA! Priceless.

Yeap, in my family; no drama. Hard to believe, huh. Sorry to let you down, dwashington. Lol
Now comes the best part of the year for me. No more running from Christmas music. Yeah, you heard me right. I hate when Christmas music is played before Thanksgiving. I is just wrong. So I try to avoid it at every turn. However, now it will be nothing but Christmas music for me, now until December 25, I will have Christmas music coming out my ass. Yeap, by the time the actually day gets here I will have had my fill of Christmas music until the next year. LOL
Anyway, I hope you all had the best of Thanksgivings. Did I say I was thankful for my Blog family? Because I am.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.


RunningMom said...

:) I love Christmas music too! I have XM in my truck so "Holly" is on all the time.

Glad you had a good, drug & drama free Thanksgiving - we're thankful for you too!

clnmike said...

Glad you drama free this time, lol.

Wendy said...

Drama free is the way to go. Glad you and your family had a wonderful time. I heard Donnie's "This Christmas" on the radio and I thought, Tis' definitely the season...get your JOLLY on. Stay Blessed!

Wendy said...
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lyre said...

I know I'm thankful for you too.

KC said...

Good to hear that you had fun with the fam. I love is my favorite holiday of them all...mine too was drama

Ieisha said...

Christmas music? You're one of those!


And I thought you were cool, lol.

I don't do Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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