Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Anatomy of R. Kelly

I’m trying to decide why I should care? I mean child pornography; exploitation and molestation are horrible and should be brought to an end. I believe that anyone who would take advantage of a child, sexually, should either have their nut sack clipped off or their vagina stapled shut; whatever the case may be. That being said, ten years after the fact, why should I care?
Jury selection for the trail of the century, featuring the great R. Kelly is finally underway. I can’t wait. I heard they are gonna put it to music and feature it on MTV just in time for Christmas. Oh, Joy. R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Courtroom.”

I know I am treating this trail as a joke, but how can I do otherwise. The fact that R. Kelly, who we all know has a sick fetish for pre-pubescent girls, had sex, peed on and videotaped the whole shebang, made me sick, ten years ago. I was like what a perv. Someone should do something about this. His ass should be brought to justice. I don’t care how many, so-called hit songs he can pull out his ass. Now, ten years later, with the teenage girl, at the time, now 23 and claiming it is not her on the tape, what’s the point? Does anyone truly think that the boy is going to see even a lick of jail time on this shit? I don’t think they’ll even consider putting a monitor on his dick that will signal police anytime blood rushes there while in the presences of any child seventeen years old or under. (Hey, that’s a damn good Idea. You heard it here first!)

What gets me is that Kelly’s attorneys are still trying to get the damn case postponed, citing that a recent article in the Chicago Sun-Times has served to poison the minds of any potential juror and thus sabotaging Mr. Kelly’s chance of a fair trial. What the fuck? What is a damn article in a newspaper gonna do that could be worse than Dave Chappelle’s comedy skit where he portraits himself as K. Kelly peeing on his audience. I’m willing to bet not everybody read whatever article the attorney is referring to, but thanks to YouTube, just about everyone has seen that funny video clip. And let’s us not forget the wonderful parody that the Boondocks did on this case. Now that shyt was funny.

Besides, like I said before, It’s been ten years, damn it! Ten fucking Years! What are they waiting for, the girl to be placed on Medicare? Seriously, if it was me I’d want the shit to be over with already. Especially if I were innocent, like this bastard claims to be. Well, if you are innocent, bitch boy, man up and go to trial. Put this shit to rest. You should have taken the shit to court long ago. I for one could have done without the time you spent making that “In the Closet” bullshit.

As you can probably tell, I am in no way a fan of R. Kelly, but even if I was, I would still believe he should be brought to justice for this nasty shit. Then there is the fact that many years ago, Kelly contended that that the tape was faked and someone had superimposed his face onto somebody else’s body. If that were true, that along would have pissed me off and made me want to clear my good name.

Now, keep in mind that the tape has been authenticated beyond a shadow of a doubt, and they can even provide proof that the tape was made in a place that Kelly once owned. So now we go from the tape not being him to the tape being of his brother, who looks like him. What the fuck. Pick a story, nigger, and stick with it! (I’m sorry, I know I promised not to use that word any more, but the shit just seemed to fit in this case.)

Mr. Kelly is a sick ass bitch and you be brought to justice for this crime like any other pedophiles in the world we live in. Anyone who can look at a child and think, “I’d like to hit that”, needs serious help and they can seek that help on an island, with other’s just like them.

In closing, I wonder about the parents of the girl Mr. Kelly is accused of “taking advantage of”. Where are their asses? I for one would be pissed as hell! Shit, I got mad when a one year old bit my nephew; you know this kind of shit would have put me behind bars. But you never hear about this girl’s parents. Wouldn’t you think that they would be outraged to have their child’s name slandered like this? I can understand a child not wanting to face the light of all this drama, but not the parents.

Just how much money do you think it cost to whore out your child to a superstar?

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

Oh, and by the way. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


Brittany said...

Ha! funny post. I can't even look at that picture. I agree though 10 years!!! 10 years!!!! lol

John Barleycorn said...

Awesome post. I especially heart the Medicaid comment — priceless!

Anonymous said...

Another home run, bruthaman.

And what happened to "speedy trial," ANYWAY? This wasn't some Al Qaeda fellow traveler whose activites needed to be pieced together. The court system should be ashamed of itself for letting Kelly walk around free for so long, if he is ultimately proven to be guilty, while others stay holed up in Cook County jail for lesser offenses BEFORE their trial begins.

On a humorous note, your post reminded me of a cousin of mine at a holiday get-together, when all the relatives were jaw-jackin' about the story. This single-IQ cuz told me he thought Kelly was guilty because he had "bought a copy of the tape off a guy on the street" and "seen-ded-ded for himself."

Being a legal type like you, I informed this jackass cousin of mine, "Um, if you bought and own that tape, and you watched it, and that girl is underage as the prosecution claims, I guess that means you've just trafficked in child porn, NIGGA!"

Speaking of get-togethers, I thought I'd let you know that ceremony practice for the Obama Inauguration in 2009 has begun (LOL):

That Girl Tam said...

Well...I must be ONE of the very FEW people who has NOT seen this tape. Shit...even my MOTHER has seen it.

::blank stare::

I haven't seen the shit, but I'm sure he's guilty. I've seen the man in concert and he damn near has sex on stage...

Being put on trial 10 years after the fact seems pretty stupid ESPECIALLY if the girl claims that it's not her. I guess it really doesn't matter if the tape shows him having sex with SOMEONE who is clearly under age.

I am MAD that you posted that's wrong on SO many levels and you know it!!

Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes!!

JayBee said...

he was wrong for taking advantage of her. but i'm like you. it's been ten years. people may not agree with what i'm about to say, but that's never stopped me before. let's let it go. you no longer have a victim since the girl did a shaggy. let's just move on. had never thought about the parents though. you raise a good point. the ending was classic.

fuzzy said...

lol at it all!!!

It would be priceless!!!

DreamCop08 said...

Okay "What are they waiting for to put the girl on Medicaid", now that shyt was so funny,lol.

I am not a big fan of what R. Kelly did but there is equal responsibilty in this shyt. That hiefer new what the fuck she was doing when she went her azz to his place. She knew she was about to get fucked all kinds of sideways from Sunday. I dont feel sorry for the heifer at all.

And the only reason I say that is because when I was 16 I got involved with someone that was way older than me. I knew what I was doing and I might add that he was what I wanted. So no I dont feel sorry for her azz. She should have been her hot azz at home instead of letting some nigga piss on her.

Now dont get me wrong R. Kelly was so wrong for that shyt!!! And the pissing scene was just ridiculous to me. I was in total awe when I seen that.

And evidently the girl didnt have a problem with the whole situation because someone else turned in the tape. Hell she is denying that it was her in the flick.

R. Kelly has been fucked up especially when he married Aaliyah at the tender age of 15 and they tried to cover up that shyt.

Maybe I am wrong but I am like whatever with that whole situation. I really dont think that he will see a lick of jail time. There are so many teenage girls that probably throw themselves at him just because he is a sex symbol. Aint no telling how many lil freaks he then banged!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

First... where the hell did you find that pic...

Second... I wish they would just hurry up and have the trial... this nig done dropped like 3 albums...

and psycho ass hip-hopera about being trapped in a damn closet that had waaaayy to many damn chapters

toured the world... what the hell is the damn hold up

and I am mad you said happy mother's day in the same post...SMH!

Cocoa Rican said...

R Kelly's only fear should be the same fate as the infamous character of New Jack City, Nino Brown. Meeting his fate outside the courtroom is a reality he should always look over his shoulder for.


You are so right, but the public make them untouchable. No pun intended.

MsPuddin said...

I can feel your anger. but im with chappelle. not that im condoning kelly's actions, but she's 14. 14! at 14 i could make the decision whether or not i want to be pissed on, she could too. and she made hers and he's still feelin on yo booty...


-eve- said...

> Just how much money do you think it cost to whore out your child to a superstar?
*nods* Well said, one man.

I didn't know all this about R. Kelly.... and I guess like dream cop says, some kids mature quicker these days ....

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Wait R Kelly has a sex tape? lol

Naw I see this going exactly like that boondocks episode. right down to them playing his music in the courtroom.

You know it's bad when the victim is tired of waiting for justice. She's denying it like she wants to move on with her life.

Darius T. Williams said...

I can't believe you - but you are hilarious. I'm so partial because I love R. Kelly and SOME of his work. He's such a talented guy - it's too bad that the things that come w/being in his position can do horrible things to him. I just hope it all works out for him.

One Man’s Opinion said...

First let me just say how nice it is to get a patented, ::blank stare:: from the one and only tam.

Dreamcop, i agree with you that at these teenages now a days are not just innocent little victims who are not aware of what is going on around them. However, that is why it falls upon adults to make grown up decisions. I don't care how hot her little tail was, is, was going to be, it falls upon R. Kelly not to take advantage of that trampiness. That is why the law is set up the way it is, because we expect grown ups to make grown up decisions when faced with children (who think they are grown) make the bad ones.

Good Point, Mark D. aster. I never thought about it, but anyone who has purchased or saw the tape is guilty of dabbling in Kiddy Porn. Shame, shame to all of you. So, I guess when they show the tape in court, which they have decided to, everyone there is gonna catch a case.

DreamCop08 said...

u do have a point on that second statement!

Mr. Jones said...

Good post. That picture was a mess. LOL.

dejanae said...

just sad all around

why is he not in jail yet?

Anonymous said...

So, I guess when they show the tape in court, which they have decided to, everyone there is gonna catch a case.

When the prosecutor introduces it to you in a trial, you're a juror.

When Ray-Ray introduces it to you out the trunk of his Ford Escort, you're an accomplice (LOL)

Hadassah said...

I hate R Kelly too. He needs to go to jail. I mean he took advantage of Aaliyah back in the day. Now he still lurking around to damage other people's kids sick!

Ms Smack said...

Very interesting post. I'm gonna keep an eye on the case now!