Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Open You Minds, Damn It!

I have something for people to ponder before the big election and during the big debate.
I have been keeping my eye on this election more so than any other. And why wouldn’t I? this election is going to be historical in one way or another. Either we will have I very first black president or our very first female vice-president. Wow,. Who would have thought it, be here we are.

So, that being said you would have think just how much thing have changed and how far we have come. Instead all we learn is just how much more racist and sexist this world is. People who want to compare Obama to Curious George. Not because Curious George is a cute little, mischief maker, but because he is a monkey. People telling Hillary, when she was running, to make them a sandwich. Now, with Pailin, they are already to exploit the fact that she is an attractive woman and a porn is about to be made with a woman that bares a striking likeness to the Governor of Alaska.

Why is it that we can’t just look at these people like people? I had no problem with Hilary being President or Obama’s running mate, until she started playing dirty pool and I lost respect for her. Not as a woman, but as a person. Although I knew it was a ploy to get the female vote, I had no problem with Governor Pailin. Until I listened to he speak on some of the topic and found out that she was an idiot. Okay, maybe idiot isn’t the right word. Let’s go with ignorant. Ignorant of the game. Ignorant of policies. Ignorant of the facts. Okay, let’s go back to idiot. And before you say that there are plenty of Americans that the same came be said for, please remember that those Americans are not vying for the number two position as Chief of State.

The day before yesterday, I was the Station Sergeant so I spent the entire night doing paper work and watching news shows that would speak to the candidates and their running mates. I am not much of a news person, but I gotta say that I found myself becoming immerged in all of the information, both fact and fiction. I was also amazed at how closed minded people can be, failing to evening be open to seeing where their side might be wrong and the other side might be right. The officer (female) who came into work the office that morning, is a hardcore McCain supporter. And it’s not that she loves McCain, it is that she hates Obama. She actually told me this. And I hate to call her racist, because I like this female (white), besides her husband is a brother. Anyway, I was kidding her about McCain being behind and the polls. You know what the heifer said? She said, “Her only hope was for all the bigots to get together and vote against Obama.” Now, to be honest, I thought that was funny as hell. I actually cracked up because I know that although she was joking, a many of honest statements are said in jest.

I personally have been keeping an open mind. I have been listening to the debates. Hearing what is being said by each candidate. Judging each on their own merits. Sure, as a black man I am dick hard excited about the prospect of someone who looks like me making it into the head chair. However, if I vote for Obama, will it be just because he is black? Hell, no. If that was the case I would have voted for Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. No, Obama is bring something to the table that has nothing to do with his color.

So, why is it that white people ask the question of black people; “If Obama was white would you still vote for him?” My answer to that somewhat racist question is, “Mother fucker, if McCain was black would you being voting for him.” How about we all just close our eyes, tape cardboard over our television screens, and just listen to the issues at hand and vote for the person who actually has our best interest in mind. Because, let’s face it, people. Right now, black, white, male, female, we are all getting fucked together.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.

Oh, and just for the record. If for some reason you are still unable to make a decision.....Vote for the brother. CHANGE. Come Help A Negro Get Elected.


Promiscuous X said...

You know what man. I dig this post werd up. Dont just vote for obama because he is black, vote for him for his values, I say vote for change. Which I feel he stands for and for him to be an average black man in america being the voice of our people. I vote demorcratic all the fuckn way to the white house.

Amen lol

LMAO at we all being fucked together lol.

and if McCain was black..hell know I wouldnt vote for him. Then I would call him a dam sellout. He still wouldnt represent the average perecntage of black amaerica.

Cheri T. said...

Why is it racist to ask if black folks would vote for Obama if he was white? I wouldn't call it racist, but perhaps more like a no-brainer. Of course black people would still vote for Obama if he was white--we've been voting for white folks all along. And is it still a racist question of it's a black person asking this of another black person?

I agree that we should vote on the issues rather than succum to identity politics. However, let's face it, very few people vote strictly on the issues. Now that black folks have a viable candidate, suddenly people who've never followed the issues (both black and white)are now scrutinizing the issues with the supposed exppertise of a cable news pundit. I do find it a bit disingenious

And to your question about why people can't be viewed just as people. It's because it's contrary to human nature. That's why...

Oh,and I gave some thought to you other question about whether black folks would vote for McCain if he wasn't white:

Yes, if he was a DEM

No, if he wasn't...

lyre said...

Funny how I had the same kinda conversation with a white female I consider my friend, who like your coworker, hates Obama. However, my eyes are open, like you, I would never have votes for Al or Jesse. Obama is poised, intelligent, and plays the game briliantly. And I have to compare him to all others who caught timing correct. I dont think bigotry will be a factor. He's gonna win.

JACK said...

I have listened to the issues, to each debate and know in my hearts that Obama is the better candidate, especially with Biden's strong foreign policy background. That ticket is much stronger that the republicans' ticket.

I would be lying if I said that Obama's blackness is NOT an issue. It is. But I can honestly say that during the primaries, I thought that that konichnic (or how ever you spell his name) was talking good game and I wanted him to emerge. Obama's Blackness was not making me drool during the primaries.

When it was just Obama and Hilary - my vote for Obama was an anti-Hilary vote. Sad, but true. But as the man spoke, the things that he was saying resounded well within me ... so he got me. And the fact that he's Black is a bonus.

Now, since I know in my heart of hearts that Obama is the right candidate ... and I know that there are people who have no idea what he really stands for and will vote for him just for the color of his skin ...

I will encourage any broke, drunk ass nigga to drag his ass over to a voting booth and vote for the Black dude. If that's where your mind is at - so be it. Vote for the Black dude ... just cuz he's black. Do it.

I don't have time to try to reason with those people. I like your post - but I refuse to stress over shit I can't do anything about ... at this point, I don't give a god damn what reason you have ... if you voting for Obama, cool.

Because I know in my heart of hearts that his is the best ticket.

lyre said...

One more thing. had the Repubs chosen Huckabee, I would votd for him! I like that bumpkin!
Plus, I didn't know that Obama voted for partial birth abortion. That just doesnt sit well with me. But out of the choices I have, it's gonna be Obama!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Cheri, I think you misunderstood the question I possed. I wasn't asking if black people would vote for McCain if he was black. I was asking if white people would vote for McCain if he was black. I called myself flipping the script, but I guess it got lost in translation. Oh, well....I thought it was a legitimate question.

Cheri T. said...

@One man,

Okay...well that changes things then... My answer is still the same though:

Yes, if DEM

No if not...


cathouse teri said...

Too bad it ain't the kind of fucking that feels good! :)

(btw ~ I updated my post about Harry ~ go have a look-see)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u see why i wrote that post i did icemans inheritance

mp1 v.8.0 said...

WHy you have to end the post with that statemment? lol

Truth in the post. I never thought to flip the question to McCain being black. Interesting point. my friend

clnmike said...

Good come back, lol.

Curious said...

Even though I'm not white, let me answer your question if McCain were black would white people vote for him; hell no McCain is a crazy bitch. Even the Republicans know this, that's why some of them don't support him now. They would turn to the Green Party or something else than vote a crazy black man into office. Look at what happened to Alan Keyes at the primaries. He was completely ignored.

Desy said...

you are SO!... I mean it... just so...

loved this post one. you need to write in a nationally circulated paper for REAL!

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Anonymous said...

Well let me say that this white woman would be voting for McCain even if he were black. My friends laugh at me when I tell them I wish Obama were a Republican. I would so love to be a part of history & be able to say I voted for the first black President of the United States. But unfortunately I don't agree with Obama on most issues.

I DO NOT understand the hating of opponents however. I respect Obama, think he has done a great job but I just have a difference of opinion on issues. And it irks me to no end to hear people say "if X wins the election I'm moving to Y"
I LOVE this country, faults & all. Too many people take what we have here for granted. I spent time in a communist country & it is NOT a pretty thing.
No matter WHO wins this election I will be proud to have him as my president & if it's Obama I expect him to make us all proud & I'd love to see my concerns on some of his policies unfounded.
This was an awesome post you wrote. It is indeed a great period in American politics- I love that we have reached a place where a black man and a woman are on the tickets for the hardest job in this great country.
Now if we could just stop the mudslinging! lol
Keep up the great blogwork :)

RunningMom said...

#1) lol @ dick hard excited - now that's some excitment!

#2) lol @ your CHANGE acronym - that's priceless

#3) At this point I could care less WHY you are voting for Obama, so long as we get your vote!


Q said...

You know that white teacher wrote the acronym C.H.A.N.G.E on the board in the classroom in Florida? I posted on it last week. What in the 1960's? I'm not claiming defeat, Obama is our next President. It is so intense here in D.C., most of my clients work in politics. Everyone on both sides are on pins and needles. What am I gonna wear to Inauguration?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I think McCain sounds like a bitter dude lately. he grabbing at straws trying to get a win and Obama is remaining cool. i think that shows more about their personality than their skin color.

blkbutterfly said...

i was too through when i heard about the Palin look alike porn tape. it didn't even need to be taken there. ppl can be utterly ridiculous.

one thing that irks me about politics is that truth be told no one is going to be able to make everyone happy. like you said, each person has to decide for him or herself which person will do the best at making life better for the majority.

oh, and i cracked up at "dick hard excited."

Madam Z said...

Great post, One Man! You make it clear that, although you would be very happy to have a man that looks like you in the White House, you would NOT vote for a person for that reason only. And you ask the excellent question, "Why is it that we can’t just look at these people like people?"
To me, the skin color of the candidates means absolutely nothing. What counts is intellect, speaking skill, strength, the ability to think fast on one's feet, control of emotions, good judgment, and similar characteristics. After watching the debate last night, I don't know how anyone could think that McCain was qualified to take on the very difficult job of President of the U.S. He stumbled on his words, got mixed up more than once, and kept trotting out the same tired lines he has used before. While I don't agree with everything Obama says (how is he going to PAY for all his lofty plans), I still think he will make a far better President than McCain.

Ms Smack said...

Fantastic post, mate


ViolentLove said...

you had it right the first time, she's a straight up idiot.

honestly, i'm starting to think i've stepped into crazyland or something... have ppl lost their minds?

peace you. keep it real, aint too much of that going on these days.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - CHANGE - that's funny! for real!

HE's already got my vote. So, I'm good.

U going to see the movie this weekend?

Cocoa Rican said...

I had this weird dream that I banged Obama...I know...I know...sick. Allz I know is that it was the sign I needed to tell me that he was the one to "fuck" with sorta speak...

BTW - I'm watching the movie this w/e, otherwise I can't fake about reading the book...LOL

BTW - caught a little comment you made about having a large penis and a mellon ass and laughed for about 30 minutes

King's Kid said...

Hello One Man,

I have chosen you for the Butterfly Award. Stop by and pick it up when you have the opportunity:

Peace and blessings