Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Officer Down

Well, my Blog family, here goes my first post of the New Year. I had contemplated blogging on many topics for the Year; from Christmas, to New Years Eve, to my thought process of movie under one roof with my nuclear family. However, today, while over a fellow officers house I got my topic.

Today, January 6, 2009, the Dallas Police Department suffered it first police fatality of the New Year. Of course, when ever I hear of an officer anywhere get injured or killed during the performance of their duties, I am sadden. How could I not be when you consider the fact that officer could be me at any given date and time? However, this one struck me particularly hard, because it was an officer I knew. I didn’t know the officer as well as I knew his wife, but I knew him nonetheless.

The officer was a member of our gang unit and was at a well known apartment complex serving a warrant for a person wanted for Aggravated Assault. What I have learned is that the suspect shot through the door of the apartment, striking the officer in the head. The officer died before they could get him to the hospital. This officer had been on the department for seventeen years, and tomorrow would have marked his eighteenth year on the department.

His wife, who is a lieutenant on the department, has a heart of gold. Before I promoted to either senior corporal or sergeant, she helped me weather the storm of some controversial b.s. that I was being accused of at the station I patrol. She stood by my side, even thought I didn’t even work on the shift she was over. During that particular sad period of my life as an officer, she gave me birthday party at her house and introduced me to her family. Her and her husband came to my art shows, when I use to have them and everything. They were wonderful people.

It so funny, when I was called with the name of the officer who had been shot, I told the other officer, whose house I was at, the name and where he worked. However, it wasn’t until the officer repeated the name back to me that in resonated in my mind exact who the officer was. Isn’t that strange? It took for someone else to say the name for me to realize that this was someone that I actually knew.

Of course we spent the next hour watching the news, getting up dates and phone calls from family; making sure we were okay. I tried to reached the lieutenant, with the hopes that it was not her husband that had been shot, but to no avail.

I was so happy to be with other people, when I got the news, because I am really not that good with tragic events that hit close to home. I get it from my momma; although I’m not quite as bad as her. My mom will go straight Color Purple on your ass. As a matter of fact, my mom isn’t even allowed to be notified if, God forbid, I die in the line of duty. I prefer she just think I’ve just been too busy to call.

Anyway, once I got home and continued to watch the breaking news, I felt an obligation to go down to the hospital, even though I felt it was inappropriate on some levels. You see, if the shoe was on the other foot, I would not want people to come down trying to console me, because it would only make it worse for me emotionally. However, I had to take into consideration that everyone else’s, normal folks, minds don’t work the same as mine. I ended up calling other people to get their input on if I should go down to the hospital or not. I got a mixed review, but in the end I went down. The Lt. was gone and I didn’t feel the need to view the body, so I just stayed a little while, with other officer and then left.

It a sad day on the Dallas Police Department. For does of you who hate the police and all they stand for, just remember that these officers put their lives on the line, everyday, for you and yours, whether you appreciate it or not.

-One Man’s Opinion. Peace.

And God Bless you all.


Turn me up a lil said...

It sounds like the officer was a good man, and whether or not people like the police force It's still bad to hear about a good man losing his life.

Curious said...

Dear sergeant need a map and compass,

You know it's not about people hating the police force, but about people respecting those that show respect to them.

You should also know that even though I may not come to Dallas to show it, I will also grieve for your loss and maybe your feelings of anger and vulnerability right now, because any loss of life is a life to be mourned over.

Was it Hill St Blues where the guy would come and say after each briefing, "lets be careful out there?" That's what I say to you One Man, stay safe.

Bullet said...

Im sadden to hear this, my prayers go to this officers family, and friends. Im also going to pray for you. Its hard when you lose those that work with you. This is a dangerous job and those that don't understand it haven't the clue of the impact officers feel when another officer is killed. I know you will be there for the wife, but try to stay as strong as you can for her. From what you posted that is a great bond there. Gang units never know what is being faced on a daily basis, METRO is tough, I KNOW. It is truly a sad day on the Dallas Police Department.

I Bullet am VERY Sorry. My prayers are with you my friend.


That really is tragic.
People who hate police should think about a world without them. Brave souls.

Happy New Year!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

damn, getting shot serving a warrant? People don't respect human life. Police do a job i couldn't do, you be safe out there man.

Mark D. Aster said...

Well, I was hoping your first post this year would be some of the usual whacked out humor. Sadly, such is life. That's why people think I'm crazy when I say that if I were not medically discharged from military service, I would go back to Iraq in a heartbeat, but I would NEVER, NEVER be a U.S. urban cop, because being a cop in today's America is to be in constant mental state of urban warfare, unlike even what we experienced in Iraq. Sadly, I saw more bloodshed as a young black male in Chicago then I ever saw in Iraq with the Marines!

If there is any consolation, I hope that your fellow officer's death was swift. I've seen a man bleed to death from a head wound and it's not like in the movies. Sad.Really sad.

You already know how conservative I am when it comes to these perps and the dangers faced by black cops, bro, so I won't comment too much on what I think should be done with this gangbanger's ass. Just suffice it to say, Buchenwald would be too merciful on his ass.

In times like this, you never have to wonder if you should go see the family or not. Just go. If they don't want visitors, they will let you know. I know this might seem morose, but if there is a God, then your artistic skill and sense of humor can be a salve to others in a time of distress. A lot of the cartoons I drew for fellow troops in country helped them to deal with a lot of psychological crap. So don't be shy in just being yourself and using your God-given talents to psychologically assist the family and fellow officers at a time such as this.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I heard about this on the news this morning. I thought about you. Sorry to hear about your coworker.

theweightofwhatisreal said...

That is sad to hear.

You stay safe out there One Man.

Glo said...

How awful.

This saddens me to read.... definitely hurts my heart.

My sincerest condolences one man.

Debo Blue said...

"Cover me Lord with Thy Spirit
Cover me Lord with Thyself
Cover me Lord with Thy presence
Cover me Lord with Thy breath"

I don't know if you know the song, but it's for you and your police family, especially the family of the slain officer.

Sha Boogie said...

very sad. i don't think desperate people realize the value of life.

RealHustla said...

The family probably understood that you coming down to show support is also a way of grieving.

Be careful out there.

She Needs said...

Sorry about your friend. My condolences to you and his family

Pajnstl said...

its always so very sad when an officer dies in the line of duty. (hugs & prayers)

RunningMom said...

Special RunningMom hug for you ::hugs::

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I can't ever imagine what folks think when they decide to take a life in hate.

We'll be thinking about you!

lyre said...

I was worried because I hadnt heard from you. Sorry for the loss.

The F$%K it List said...

My condolences to you and your friends family.

Its so sad that people have no value for other peoples lives. The same criminal (because that is what he is) that is shooting for no reason to get home to somebody needs to think that so do these officers.

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear this One. I have/had cops in my family and close friends.My prayers for your friend and for you that God watches over you while you do what I could not. Stay Blessed!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Thank you guys, for all the kind words. Everything is happening so dang fast, I can't digest it all. Thursday is the Candle Light vigal and Friday is the Furneral. I feel like I am going to drown. Does that even make sense? Tomorrow will be an all day event for me, because I have to get a hair cut, put together a clean uniform, go to the visitation, the lowering of the flag and then the candle light vigal. I'm gonna try my damnest not to cry. It's not that I am afraid to cry, I just don't want to, but I won't hold back if it hits me. I will be doing all of this with Sgt. Lupe. The officer who got shot was in her academy class. Sgt. Lupe is way stronger than me in this arena. I don't see her as breaking down, but if she does it will be all over for me. And then i still have to take my ass to work.

Keep the prayers coming, family. I greatly appreciate and need them. As you can imagine, I am really feeling my own mortality right now. It made the game day with my mom all the more special. I don't think she knows an officer die yesterday, because she doesn't watch the news and I didn't feel the need to tell her.

Cocoa Rican said...

Sorry to hear this...may the Lord always be with you...he has a plan for ya'and somehow I don't think it involves your being an officer...go figure.

deonte' k said...

Man this was sad. Sorry to hear about this. I really am.

lyre said...

Stopping by to check on my one-man. Hope you are ok.

Madam Z said...

A good, fine man, doing his job, gets shot in the head by a good-for-nothing, lowlife criminal. Just one more example, as if we needed another one, of how sick and perverted life can be. I am saddened by this tragedy, One Man. I'm sending my condolences to you and the victim's family. And please...please be careful.

Ms Smack said...

I'm so sorry. This is a tragic post, full of love and sadness for your colleague and his wife.

Do look after yourself eh?


Rodney said...

Even during my MINOR scrapes with the law I've never hated on the police. I'm not even mildly annoyed during traffic stops because I recognize that a service is being performed. My grandfather ended his career in law enforcement at the desk, but was a beat officer for at least two decades. As a child I didn't realize the magnitude of his service. As an adult I can appreciate what it meant for him to put on his uniform and what my grandmother must have felt each time he left for work. My heart goes out to you and the fallen officer's family. I know I'm a phantom blogger these days, but know that I never forget you're out there and pray for your safety.

Caspar608 said...

I am very sorry for your loss and the loss we have all suffered as the result of unnecessary violence.

My brother is a law enforcement officer, he has to deal with all kinds of bullshit and stereotyping. I know the truth. Most of our uniformed people out there, protecting our lives from low life drug dealing purse snatching wife beating child raping scumbags, are GOOD people with the desire to protect and serve.

Keep the faith brother. His life and death were not in vain. His soul is free and he rolls with Gods Army of Angels in heaven.

Put your pain into your art. Ironically, you may just create a masterpiece.

Love, Cas

Son of a Bishop said...

One Man, My heart goes out to you and the officer's family; just to let you know that I respect and appreciate the sacrafice that you and other law enforcement officer's make on a daily basis in this Krazy world. You are one very courageous guy.

I certainly realize that it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch.

MsPuddin said...

policeman or not, I'm sorry for your loss...MsP

Day Dreams of a PYT said...

Its always sad to hear stories like this especially when you work for NYPD and which I do and soon my bf.

Some people would be quick to say they dislike a person of this profession but barely know them.

So sorry and my condolences go out to you and his family.

Stay safe and brave for you are just One Man ;-)

Hadassah said...

Wow thats sad!

Darius T. Williams said...

Just be careful...whew.

Tao Lin said...

yeah bro

MysTery said...

Awww dang. Sorry to hear that.

FREEDOM said...

Sorry to hear this. Be safe OK!

James Tubman said...

sorry im late

i feel for the loss

i am a little ambivalent when it comes to the police because of my intense hatred for them lol

but i hate it when anyone is killed police or not

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