Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spoiled Bastard

My little nephew is so damned spoiled. I'm not talking about the bad spoiled, but spoiled nonetheless. Let's see, in addition to adopting his whole freaking Head Start class for Christmas, his uncle One Man has bought him a digital camera, a portable DVD player, and I still want to get him the train set he wants. Hell, his ass would have gotten the bike he wanted, but he want peddle and his uncle don't buy shit his ass want actually ride. His mom has already bought him a read drum set (the boy is three years old).
I sometimes wonder if I should feel guilty about the part I have played in his spoiled-ness. But, he really is not the ass he can be when we are one on one, but around his mommy and his Aunt Dot, he is a whinny little annoyance, that drives his Uncle One Man insane. I honestly can not be around him, sometimes, when these two women are in his presence. And I don't understand why he sometimes acts the fool around his mom, because he has a spanking mom, who will tear that ass up. I, however, can get away with say, "Manny, you know we don't do that" to get him to straighten up. I don't understand that at all.
I love my nephew, you all know that. He owns my heart and only has to share it with his Granny. These are the only two people in the world that I would give the world and lay down my life for. What he really wants is a puppy and I really want to be the one to get him one, but I tell him mom that it is not practical. There is no one at that house that can care for a puppy the way it needs to be cared for. This is one of the reasons I am seriously looking into finding a nice big house that I can move my family into, with me. That way I can be there for both my mom and my nephew and I can buy that new puppy that I need and that Manny can love.
Stay tune, because I really plan on blogging more about my grand scheme for me and my family to live under one roof. I'm going to share the plan and I'm gonna need some serious input from on blog family on this one.
-One Man's Opinion. Peace.


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful man for wanting to bring everyone together.
I hope you get everything you want and all of your dreams come true.

JACK said...

Spoiling kids within reason is ok ... that he respects you and his mom differently is proof that he needs a male role model in his life. As for getting everyone to live under one roof ... you on your own there One Man. I'm 700 miles from my family and that's almost TOO close!

Anonymous said...

I understand One Man. I said my baby wasn't getting much, but the main thing I wanted for him had bad reviews. So instead he has racked up on various items he has no idea about.

Anonymous said...

My son and lil Manny want the same things except for the DVD player. He's been whining for a train set. I'm getting him a digital camera b/c he loves taking pictures. Plus I'm getting him a laptop.

My son acts the same way sometimes. He likes to act the fool around me and he knows I will get that butt. But let a male relative come around and he's straight. He misses his daddy.

RealHustla said...

Whoa, you're a brave one. Might i consider something with different wings and entrances.

Are you really wanting to do this so that you can have control over the people who enter into your family's lives. I'm remembering that my-mom-lives-in-a-crackhouse post.

I ain't the one to be making comments about spoiled kids.

Anonymous said...

Spoil your nephew...that's your job as Uncle. You'll keep him in line so no worries about him getting rotten to the core.

Now, on to this "one roof, one fam" business...you sure about that? It sounds like you are accepting the bachelor lifestyle wholeheartedly.

That's taking on a lot. I'll reserve other things until you share the big plan with us.

I'd sleep on that one. For a while. A long while. Forever. Lol.


You're definitely one of a kind.

One Man’s Opinion said...

I have thought this out, the under one roof thing, for over a year now and yes, Hustla, that is one of the reasons. I will give yall more input in my thought pattern and will appreciate the input. Trust me when I say I know all the down falls of having my klan all under one roof, that is why it will be them living with me and not the other way around.

RunningMom said...

My mother spoiled (still does) my son endlessly. He is now almost 13 and is still spoiled but is also a straight A/B student, is on the honor roll, a member of the NJHS and more than that, is a giving and loving person.

So spoil the child, love him dearly and teach him right from wrong. Your influence will go a long way.

As for everyone living under one roof..... I could only do it if I HAD to. Never voluntarily. But if that's what it takes to keep your family safe, then that's what you have to do!

The Dreamy One said...

Ill send yall my doggie,lol

you can have her for free. ill even ship her to you guys.

Latoya said...


clnmike said...

Yeah he is well on his way to spoilville.

Eventually though your going to have to make him earn it.

Linda said...

How many times a month do you see him? I think spoiling kids isn't a big thing when you're not over every week..

But I did recently get into a BIG argument with my mom for spoiling our little one. Now, I know that grandma's are supposed to do that.. but one gift twice a week results in 100 gifts a year and our house is well.... not built for that.. Let alone the little one's soul.. ;)

Fun to read that you thought I was older..! I got that message since I was.. I dunno.. born.. *lol* When I was 16 some people didn't believe (thought I was 10 years older) me and asked me to show my ID. I always say I was born 30. I never bought that whole 'teenage crap' either :P

greetings from the netherlands!

Anonymous said...

You need to talk to a REAL financial planner before you make any major money moves like buying a house in great recession (and I'm not talking about all these idiot types you see on FOX, MSNBC, etc., who for all their so-called MBA wisdom DIDN'T see a meltdown coming).

The real estate market has not hit bottom yet. Trust me, as a legal professional I deal with nothing but our folk, all income levels, who made too many ill-conceived legal and financial real estate moves out of emotion rather than empirical thought.

Your state is not as bad off as some others in terms of the housing mess, but it makes no sense to put yourself in potential penury to make a financial move that may or may not be feasible given your set of facts (savings, income, retirement, health and insurance) and the fact that we are now in a Japanese-type recession that will last well past Obama's first term (sorry, but no amount of "hope or change" can undo the damage of "Dubya," Pelosi and the current crop of criminals who got us to this macroeconomic point).

Everyone else 'round here will cheer you for your good intentions, which is obvious that you possess. But, as they say, you-know-what is paved with good intentions. I've seen numerous black families and individuals go into bankruptcy and foreclosure over the last couple of years out of their "good intentions."

Cocoa Rican said...

My sis says I spoil my Day-Day too. He'll have plenty of time for the harsh realities; in the meantime, I'm treatin' my cutie like royalty.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

A digicam at 3? and a drum set? that kid has it sooo sweet... lol

I applaud you thinking about moving everyone under 1 roof. I wouldn't/couldn't do it.

Leon Basin said...

I like your post...Thank you for sharing.


I think living with your family is an excellen idea providing you have separate living quarters.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
We shall want to hear every drama that unfolds.

Hadassah said...

Thats fun to actually live one roof with your family that would be so interesting

King's Kid said...

Hello One Man,

You are a blessing for your Mother and your nephew.

God bless you and yours.

ViolentLove said...

I like this.

The living under one roof thing is a lot of work, however, the rewards can be priceless, especially for the lil ones.

Good luck man and God bless.

lyre said...

I believe in that concept. FAMILY WEALTH But I tell you, everyone has to be on one accord.

-eve- said...

That's a wonderful idea! A big house so everybody can live in :-)

Madam Z said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Manny is SO lucky to have you for his uncle. And as long as you continue to teach him to "do right" it's ok to spoil him a little.

As for buying a house, I agree with Mark. Wait till the market settles down. Everything got way too expensive way too fast in that horrid "bubble." Let the prices come back down to earth before you buy. As for the "under one roof" part...well, your nephew needs you, but are you sure you could tolerate living with your mom and sister? Even if it's your house, it seems like it would be hard for your mom not to treat you like a kid again. And I can see you and sis getting into some battles! But of course I don't know your family, so who knows?

Eb the Celeb said...

you and the fam under the same roof?

is this your idea or there's?

and why?

I love my fam to death but all of us under the same roof for a holiday weekend is too much by the time sunday comes around

cathouse teri said...

By definition there is only one kind of spoiling. Bad.

a: to damage seriously : ruin
b: to impair the quality or effect of
c: to impair the disposition or character of by overindulgence or excessive praise
d: to pamper excessively; coddle
e: to lose valuable or useful qualities usually as a result of decay

But it's tuff not to overindulge those little ones you love so much. Especially if you feel they are lacking consideration in some major areas of their lives.

Just let me warn you. No matter how much or what you give a child, they will always want more. So once you are on that track, you need to be sure you can top the last gift.

When I was in the Philippines and gave gifts to the children there, I was amazed. I could give them a little jumprope in a little plastic bag and they would behave as if this were their most prized possession. After they used it, they would put it back into the package and store it somewhere safe.

I think there is a huge danger in giving children too many things. Of course, I also think there is a huge danger in adults having too many things.

*shrug* What do I know anyway? I don't have the answer.

But I believe you are a fantastic and loving uncle and just the fact that you seriously ponder all of these things means that no matter what, it's all gonna be good. Because of who you are. :)

Pajnstl said...

All that for a 3 year old! lol That child going to be ROTTEN :)

I like my own space to much to have my family living with me. That wouldn't make for a peaceful home.

But kudo's to you if you can make it happen and be happy. :)

Wendy said...

I love my family to death, I would do anything for them. But I cannot live with them. I know about spoiled children and I think the spoiled Manny is, is just fine. I wish you the best in your wanting to get your fam under one roof.