Friday, February 1, 2008

Imitation Of Life

Two Thousand and eight and people still shamed of being black. Here it is, people, Day one of Colored...Negro...Black...African-American, er, Golden Children History Month. What are you gonna do to celibrate this month, this year? Sure enough we should celibrate the history of blackness everyday, every hour, every moment of our lives, but the reality is that some of us don't. Hell, I think McDonald's celibrate black folks more than black folks do and you know it. I don't know why I decided to honor this first day of February with this clip from Imitation of Life. But you gotta admit, it's not everyday that poor black people get this kind of a furneral. Only in the movies' huh?
Happy Black History Month, peeps. I love each and everyone you, no matter what your race or nationality, but if you look like me I honor you today and every day. This is the first February that I have had this blog and I am trying to decide if I am going to honor this month with only positive things to say about positive black folk from the past and in the present, or if I am just gonna hate on stupid like I always do. The answer remains to be seen.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.

Remember, today is the first day of Black History month. So, be nice to a minority today.


Opinionated Diva said...

Personally I like when you hate on the's soooooooo entertaining! Wrong - but very entertaining lol

So if you are a minority, does being nice to yourself count?

VertigoVirgo said...

I love this movie...and Annie wasn't exactly poor...she made a "decent" salary, and I'm sure Mizz.Lara took care of her too. Yes, everyday should be a celebration.

dc_speaks said... torn.

hmmmmmmm...when I figure out how imma handle this month, i'll share it with you too.

peace, bro!

mp1 v.8.0 said...

i tried to be nice to a white coworker but he ignored me. he's a minority in my neck of the woods. lol

James Tubman said...

mcdonalds only celebrates it more than we do because we buy so many of their damn hamburgers

and why do they have to sell every hamberger in the damn world

i digress

i'm going to hella lectures son

this is the month were the smart black people really show their ass lol

i'll go to the local colleges to see some of the most renowned black lecturers out there

i can't wait

fuzzy said...

hmmm I never understood why black people feel forced to wait until feb comes around to feel the need to honor our own people. The rest of the year nothing!

Black People have a funny way of doing things. This, in my opinion, is a form of segregation to separate us from the rest of the year! Think about it!

Curious said...

Hmmm, so you honor black history month by showing the death of Mammy. I think that alone should answer your own question.

BTW, I think the Claudette Colbert version of Immitation is more realistic. Claudette became rich because of her darkie. And you don't see all that fake altruism of the Lana Turner version. Just my 2c.

fuzzy said...

That was quite a seeing out! i had to come back to view the video... Wow! I wanna go out like that! But errr uhhh I wanna be sleep though!

Desy said...

Ironically, I'm driving home from school today and I see this dude just ranting and raving at this woman in the car next to him. Next thing I know, he gets out of his car and is coming around to get into her face. The words that come out of his mouth next left me truly speechless:

"Mother fuckin niggers!"

This young lady kept her cool and just kept looking straight ahead as though nothing was going on outside her window. He kept ranting, but the light turned green and she scooted off. The cars started honking at him and people were yelling at him... It was definately and interesting way to start off BlackHistoryMonth...

One Man’s Opinion said...

It counts, Diva. Just be careful in the manor of which you are nice to yourself.

Vertigo, do you know I have only seen the last part of Initation of Life. All the times I have caught it, it has been towards the end.

Besure to keep me in formed, DC. I know you will put it down with something good.

MP, if he ain't black, he's a minority to you.

Tubman, my little nephews loves him some McDonald burgers. No other fast food will do. So don't hate.

Fuzzy, that is a good question. I think it is because throughout history black folks have only managed to do things in the month of February. That's a little known fact. Look it up.

Curious, was that the death of Mammy? Oh, and I only know of the one version. Which came first? This one or the one you mentioned?

Desy, people just don't get it. That's all I can say. Another hundred years can pass and they still want get it. Kind of sad, actually.

dc_speaks said...

try the pizza link again.

i just tested it and it worked!

Curious said...

Mammy, Mabel or Jemimah, I don't know what they called her. But the Claudette Colbert version of the movie was done in the 30's. It's the same story except Claudettte makes millions by selling Mammy's pancake recipe and still keeps her in the basement. It doesn't look as good but there is an honesty about race relations that the newer one doesn't have that I like.


hey twin! sorry so late- love you:)

hi blog fam!!

Karamale said...

lol @ "furneral"...i don't know if that was intentional, but i damn sho went to school with people who said that.

and chuch.

and coutch. (sposed to be coach)

and hawayah. (hawaii)

and gadjeation. (graduation, lawd)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

PREACH way to teach


Tried to call u, twin...anywhoo:

I know u like to crack on fools, so i threw your name out to crack on THIS FOOL here u go: oh no this fool didn't?!

If any other fam want to check it out and click the link and let me know if u've posted so i can read it!lol

BronzeBuckaroo said...

I sort of feel black history month is more than celebrating the past for a month. It is also recognizing the present as we continue to climb that mountain to get the its top


I really love this blog!I wish my sound was working so I could hear the audios to your utubes. I must get that fixed.:)
I think you should go with positive things.

Rodney said...

I spent a day at the African Burial Ground in Manhattan and I will never be the same. It was a profound moment in my life.