Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Was I Thinking?


What the hell was I thinking; taking a four year old little boy to Disney world-for a week, mind you-all on my own?  Obviously I wasn't.   Well, we left the first Tuesday of this month and got back last Tuesday and I used all of yesterday to recoup from the whole damn experience.  It was so nice to take naps again.  My old ass needs my naps, damn it.  

For does of you not in the know, I had this great idea to take my little nephew, Manny, to Disney world for a week to celebrate his fourth birthday.  It seems like a good idea at the time.  Me and my nephew, alone at the happiest place on earth, bonding and growing closer...What a rip.  What does bastards at Disney don't show you is how taxing it is on the body to fight to crowds and having to constantly say no, and don't and shut the fuck up.  Okay, maybe not shut the fuck up, but I thought it.  My little nephew can TALK.  LOL.  

Day one: we land, get our room and head off to Magic Kingdom.  By the time we got back my ass was ready to come home.  

Day two:  we meet up with a family we met on the plane.  This made life a lot easier, because Manny had two kids to interact with and I had a host of five adults to share the wealth of his attention with.  So great.  I was still ready to come home by the end of the day.  It was at this point that I truly realized that the trip was a bad idea.  Not the taking Manny to Disneyland part, but the taking him alone part.  Yeah, worst idea ever.

Day three:  I take him to the water park, because all he really wants to do is play in the pool.  Come to find out that the water park is not one of the theme parks that was included in our deal.  No big deal.  I love my nephew and this will be fun for him.  Pay the big bucks to get into the damn thing and the boy acts like he is afraid to get wet.  So, we stay there for an hour at best, until I get frustrated with him and ask him if he wants to just leave.  He says yes, off we go to catch the bus back to the resort.  We get to the resort and as we are passing the pool to get to our room his ass ask if we can go swimming.  Uh, no.  We take a nap and then go to see UP (very good movie, by the way) and eat at Planet Hollywood. 

As the days pass by, it gets better and better, but I am still counting down the days till we can fly back to Dallas and I can drop him back off with his mommy.  LOL.  The boy wore me out, but in a good way.  I love my nephew to death.  He is so smart and so much like his Granny, I had no idea.  He really is a little angel.  Not bad at all, just a handful; which is par for the course with any four year old, be they male or female.  

I had to scold him a few times, but that comes with the package.  But I never had to yell or raise my hand to him (although I had to ask him if he need a spanking a couple of times).  The boy made me laugh way to much and to be more than three times his age I was proud I was able to keep up with him.  Manny's uncle is a home body and having to get up and go everyday is not part of his makeup.  

So, what did I learn from the whole experience?  Well, I learned just how much I love my nephew and he loves me.  I learned that I might not be doing this every year on his birthdays and if I do, to take another adult to hear bare the brunt of the it.  I learned just how smart my nephew is and that his intellect is not being pushed to its fullness.  I learned that my nephew is a crowd pleaser (everyone just fell in love with him).  I learned just how good a job I think my sister is doing with my little nephew.  He is very well behaved.  I learned a lot about his little personality.  He might pretend to be shy, but his ass ain't.  He is quick to let you know if you have done something that he does not approve of (stranger in particular).   I learned that Disney World would be the bomb, if it wasn't for all the damn people and their kids.  LOL
Oh, and the Pop Century is a very cool resort to stay at.  We had a ball, even though I had to take a day to recover from the experience.

-One Man's Opinion.  Peace.

Oh, and just for the record.  To see the smile on my nephew's face, when he meet Mickey Mouse, made the whole experience worth while, and I mean that.